Time Flies.

In the wintertime hinterlands
when love ran roughshod across the aching desert
and life was ripe with lushness
of ever-afters and hard-earned longing
the lovers laid down their swords
and wandered empty-handed
and unburdened into the busying streets.

to watch the flesh now under red lights glow
like some darkroom tryst
where scenes constantly develop and envelop,
sinners among sinners
caught in a gaining wind
sweeping like tides across restless limbs.

we are all awakened by our own mimeographs,
each page rubbing thumbprints
of a certain purple pageantry
over everything it grips.
we fill in fantasies like wanton madlibs,
tracing the outlines of good and evil,
yearning for some last-chance redemption.

the watchface that hangs in the balance
tocking, ticking, laughing & hissing
missing its cues as it circles
endlessly, restlessly, listlessly
across our own maddening worlds,
both real and imagined.

–Jack Houston


Actor Dwayne Kennedy

Actor Taya Sopikova

Director Omar Martinez

Producer Erik Stein

Photographer Christopher DeVargas

Lighting Technician Sarah Johnson

Assistant Camera Ches Owen

Production Assistant Dustin Loosier

Stylist Giovanna Gaba

Hair/Makeup Sarah Barker

Hair/Makeup Assistant Carly Ryan

Nails Darlene Gahagan

Video Colorist Taylre Jones

Music Composed by Emmett Cooke

Sound Mix Presto One

Special thanks to
MGM Grand
Hotel and Casino

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